Live-tweeting for Event Featuring Eva Longoria

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Photo credit: Minerva team

While you might have heard of Eva Longoria as one of the “Desperate Housewives,” she’s been doing WAY more than just sitting around being desperate! The 40-year-old actress/director/producer has been deeply involved in philanthropist activities around the globe.

Last month when Eva Longoria returned to her home state of Texas as a keynote speaker for Dallas Women’s Foundation‘s 30th Annual Luncheon, I got the chance to meet (more like see-from-afar) her. Now you probably wonder what a girl like me was doing at such a prestigious event featuring a Hollywood star and 1,800+ upper class members of North Texas. Well, for my job as a Social Media Coordinator at Minerva Consulting, I had the opportunity to develop weekly social media content for Dallas Women’s Foundation, “the largest regional women’s fund in the world” with a mission of “advancing positive social and economic change for women and girls.”

#DWF30Strong, Dallas Women's Foundation, luncheon, graphic

Graphic made by Minerva team

For their big luncheon, I was the main personnel in charge of live-tweeting (my abbreviation for live social media posting on all channels). During the 2.5-hour event, we pushed out 50+ posts across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram accompanied with event photos and 5+ on-site custom-made graphics & videos. The official event hashtag #DWF30Strong was used by the audience in 200+ posts and gained 24,667 reach on Facebook, 65.9K impressions on Twitter and 3,647 impressions on LinkedIn. There were 40+ Twitter influencers engaging with us during the event, including @EvaLongoria (7.33M fans), @CapitalOne (132K), @wfaaizzy (19.9K), @wfaashelly (17.3K) & @GloriaCampos (17.1K). Most importantly, the luncheon raised over $1.2 million towards investments in women and girls of North Texas. Not bad for my first time live-tweeting!

Check out some of our best performing posts:





***** A big THANK-YOU to my coworkers, Amanda McLachlan, Meredith McKee and Leah Butterbaugh who saved me from crazy typos, helped me monitor the live conversation and kept me sane in my most stressful moments. 


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