Identity – Engagement – Currency

Advertising, ATEC 2321


In this blog post, communication planning specialist Vyshnan Ranjan explained the three main ways in which music affects brands: Identity – Engagement – Currency. Ranjan is currently a member of Carat UK, the world’s first media independent in 1968 and now Europe’s largest media network. He touched on a very important point that I’ve discussed in my previous posts, which is the use of pop music in branding:

“Many brands make the mistake of trying to look modern and cool by whimsically choosing a big pop hit and crudely overlaying it on their ad. This doesn’t show depth of thought and neither does it represent their brand fairly. Currency through music requires a deeper understanding of where your brand fits into the bigger cultural picture in society. It is what music appropriately combines your brand and your message with your target audience’s culture.”

– Vyshnan Ranjan