Crazy Creative Thailand


Most people think Thai commercials are depressing short movies, and it’s true that Thai ads, especially insurance ads, have a reputation of being tearjerkers – I analyzed one in a previous blog post, and here are some more for those of you who love a good cry:

Feeling like a child yet? Good. Now it’s time to broaden your view on Thai advertising: they can be funny too, and usually not the witty and sarcastic type of funny, but the very blunt and ridiculous type. I’m telling you, RIDICULOUS. And they don’t have to be 15 minutes long either. For example, this one PSA (public service announcement/ad):

Isn’t that insanely simple? Don’t you feel so pumped right now to go get some work done and contribute to your glorious nation? I’m just amazed by their ability to turn something so simple, which is stop drinking, into a profound and meaningful lifestyle.

Still craving for more videos? Check these out, but only if you’re not easily offended by sexual/sexist content or horrible video quality:

Sorry it took you longer than you allowed yourself to finish reading my post. I just thought if you were like me, you would be able to spend all day watching (good) commercials too. So after half an hour watching Youtube, what do you think? I can see THEIR WHOLE CULTURE imprinted on these ads! Ok maybe not their WHOLE culture, but a handful of them: gender stereotypes, openness to sexuality, beauty standards, patriotism, etc. Isn’t it wonderful how you can learn so much about a country through their commercials?

In short, Thai ads are crazy creative. Or maybe Thai ads just speak to me because I’m a Southeast Asian. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!




So we’ve been talking about music in advertising for a while, why not take a break and look at advertising in music?

In his article, Tom Barnes raised an issue of artists willing to include product placement in their lyrics or music videos for monetary deals and how it will gradually devalue music.